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The Jackpots, Leicestershire

City Heights, Warwickshire

Mark Stevens, Nottinghamshire

Sian Summers, Nottinghamshire

The Hamiltones, Nottinghamshire

Signature, Northamptonshire

The Swing Smiths, London

Radio, West Midlands

Kelly Barnes, Northamptonshire

Mathew Knight, Nottinghamshire

Atomic Hi-Fi, West Midlands

William May, Warwickshire

The Fireworks, West Midlands

Effigy, Staffordshire

Jessica Louise (Harpist), Cheshire

Out Of Control, West Midlands

Live Wires, Staffordshire

The Rips, Bedfordshire

Radioactive, West Midlands

Hypersonix, Northamptonshire

The Fanatics, Staffordshire

The Melodic Belles, Bedfordshire

Front Runners, South Yorkshire

Alive and Kicking, Cheshire

Dexter, Cheshire